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Educational and Service Offerings

Strategic Management – 1 Day

Understand the importance of strategic management skills.
– Identify the characteristics of strategy managers.
– Understand the ten main strategy schools.
– Introduce a Five Step Strategy Model.
– Outline the vision and mission for their organization.
– Identify strategic and financial objectives.
– Understand how to put in place, execute and evaluate a strategy.


Strategic Management & Measurement – 2 Days

Understand the importance of measurement and management.
– Identify the key components for measuring and managing strategy.
– Identify the role of the strategic measurement and management.

Strategy, Leadership & Culture  - 2 Days

Understand an effective organization.
– Understand the important role of culture.
– Shape an appropriate culture.
– Understand the crucial role that leadership plays.
– Distinguish between autocratic and participative leadership styles.

Change Management – 2 Days

Understand change.
– Identify and overcome obstacles.
– Understand the impact of change.
– Understand the need for an excellent change management process.

Change Leadership – 2 Days

Understand change within the organization and appreciate the key steps in effecting change.

– Obtaining participation.

– Leading a change project.

– Creating a vision.

– Formalizing the need for change.

– Identifying issues and potential consequences.

– Choosing the appropriate vision and formalizing the vision.

– Getting the necessary participation.

– Leading the change process.

– Working with teams.

– Balancing power.


Customer Driven Organization – 2 Days 

Understand the vital importance of the customer.

– See the value in having excellent customer service.

– Identify the factors that prevent maximizing customer value.

– Understand how to look at the customer service levels.

– Establish if a company is customer driven.

– Identify different customer types and how to interact with them.


Customer Relationship Management – 2 Days 

Understand the importance of customer relationships.
– Identify the components of CRM.
– Describe the factors that can cause customer relationships to fail.
– Understand the different ways that you as an employee can affect CRM.
– Use the material to develop a customer-centered approach.
– Identify types of customer.
– Recognize their potential impact on business.

Enterprise Dynamics – ½ Day

Understand how an organization can maximize returns.

– Identify key activities that impact on performance.

– Understand the obstacles that exist.

– Understand how they can have a direct impact on success.


The Excellent Organization - 1 Day

Understand what defines an excellent organization.
– Describe the components of excellence.
– Explain the forms of excellence awards available – Baldridge & EFQM Awards.
– Understand the nature of excellence.

Organizational Behavior – 1 Day 

Understand the relationship between behavior and the organization.
– Understand the evolution of management thought.
– Appreciate models of organizational behavior.
– Identify and shape an excellent organization.

Organizational Culture – 1 Day

Understand the relationship between culture and the organization.

– Understand the key characteristics of organizational culture.

– Identify different images of organizations.

– Understand the cultural web.

– Appreciate structural perspectives.

– Understand the excellent organization.


Organizational Issues – 1 Day 

Identify key organizational issues.

– Understand key business dynamics.

– Implement strategic management best practices.

– Understand the importance of organizational culture.

– Appreciate the value of supportive structures.

– Understand the role of groups.

– Appreciate various types of communication skills.

– Understand and manage change.


Organizational Structure – 1 Day 


Quality Management Systems – 1 Day

 The Work Organization – 1 Day

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Thinking Forward – Strategic Planning & Formulation

This is a 90-day program focused on the six core areas below to guide business owners and/or CXO’s and executive teams through the Strategic Management process.  The correct choice of strategy will lead to significant improvement in bottom line profits.  This program is focused on medium to larger-sized companies

  1. Strategic Thinking

  2. Strategy Frameworks and Roadmaps

  3. Vision, Mission, and Values

  4. Strategic Leadership

    1. What Do Strategic Leaders Do?

    2. How Do You Become an Effective and Ethical Strategic Leader?

    3. Formulating Strategy across Levels

  5. The Strategic Management Process

    1. Top-Down Strategic Planning

    2. Scenario Planning

    3. Strategy as Planned Emergence

  6. Implications for the Strategist

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Moving Forward – Strategic Execution & Enablement

This follow-on program to Thinking Forward is a 12-month program to assist organizations achieve strategic results

Defining the Strategic Plan

Securing Value Delivery with Strategic Frameworks

Building Organizational Capabilities and Alignment

Generating Commitment to Change

Executing and Enabling Strategic Management

Improving and Adapting


Focus on Business - Strategic Accelerator

Offering is designed for leadership and business teams to determine vision, mission and goals.  Can be conducted in 1 session or 2-half day sessions.  90-day plan will be developed and 3 one half hour phone coaching sessions are included for follow up.  This program is designed for small to medium-sized business.

Focus on Results - High Performing Teams

This is a 6- or 12-month program as a follow-on to Focus on Business.  Based on the vision and mission developed above, a 12-month program of coaching sessions with larger groups (up to 20 people) will focus on strategy, empowerment and execution to achieve results.   Topics include clarity and commitment to vision and strategy, personal goal setting, 6 or 12 months of skills coaching on execution & enablement, empowerment, and life skills training.  Coaching may be by phone, email or webinars.  Pricing may vary based on group size.


Additonal Courses:

Many of our courses can be facilitated in-house by your own personnel.  D E Herold & Associates can provide validated training programs as a complete facilitation kit and train-the-trainer support.  Most courseware is focused on enabling strategy execution but many courses can be independently taught.  We can prepare internal facilitators to deliver many of the following courses.

Pricing is typically $695 for 1 -day courses and $350 for 1/2 day courses.  Powerpoints, master participant manual, and facilitation guide are included.  Call or contact for details. 

Auditing – 1 Day 

Benchmarking – 1 Day

Complaint Handling – 1 Day  

Decision Making 

Effective Meetings - ½ Day  

Facilitation Skills  

Group Dynamics – ½ Day

Personal Productivity – ½ Day  

Presentation Skills – ½ Day  

Problem Solving – ½ Day 

Project Management 


Effective Team Working 

Technical Report Writing  


360 Degree Feedback 


Managing Conflict 

Employee Absenteeism 

Employee Motivation 

Human Resource Management 

Interpersonal Skills  

Interviewing Skills 

Job Analysis

Job Design


Leadership & Delegation

Leadership & Influence
Negotiation Skills
The New Manager
Performance Appraisal 

HRM – Recruitment & Selection 

Stress Management 

Training Needs Analysis