90 Day Strategic Focus Accelerator


D E Herold Associates offers a 90-day Strategy Focus Accelerator that introduces various strategy frameworks to develop personal and team member resilience that help future-proof your business. This offering begins with a full day session on strategy alternatives, tools and an action plan.  The Workshop consists of:

  • Two 4-hour sessions are held to discover your business objectives and identify and clarify objectives and provide focus to your business goals.

  • Weekly business coaching sessions (1-1.5 hours each) follow with a focus on immediate business objectives and challenges, and then shifts it focus to look at strategy over the longer term.

  • A practical action plan is developed to achieve objectives and key results (OKRs).

  • A comprehensive workbook and study guide is provided along with a 1 page strategic action plan. 



The High Performing Team Program


This comprehensive program covers teamwork, resilience, goal setting, strategic clarity, trust, focus, roles, and engagement.  It provides a path to business growth and strategic thinking.

This customized course will guide you in engaging your whole team to achievement of organization goals.


  • The High Performing Team Program consists of:

  • A 12-month (13 x 1- 3 - hour sessions) coaching, monitoring and training.

  • Training includes Commitment, Vital Few Objectives, Resilience, Problem Solving,

Engagement, Trust, Purpose, and Empowerment

  • A value-added 50-75-page study guide depending on your custom needs.

  • A self-study resilient teams course covering goal setting, reaction to change, urgency versus importance, and overcoming procrastination.