Thinking and Moving Forward Strategy Program



The Thinking and Moving Forward Program is a two - part program. The program begins with the development of Organizational Purpose followed by establishment of your company’s Vision, Mission, and Goals and Objectives. 


Part I – Thinking Forward takes you from Purpose through setting Objectives and is all about setting a direction for continued business growth.  This is a 1-day Purpose-Driven Workshop and a 2-day Strategic Planning Workshop.  Includes 3 months of weekly follow up calls.


Part II – Moving Forward is a 12-Month Business Growth Plan. This program is focused on core strategy areas but allows for more complex improvement projects to be undertaken. The focus of this program is geared to Strategic Management Execution The three core elements of the program are:


  • Firstly, the monthly management meeting with business owner and senior team to review progress and keep things moving forward.  Meetings run approx. 4 hours.

  • Secondly, a monthly team training session with the entire team. The very first session of team training serves to clarify strategy and gain commitment of the entire team around a central theme for success in the year ahead. From there, the team is given powerful personal success and leadership skills each month to support the organization in strategy enablement.  Meeting run 4 - 6 hours.

  • The third step is strategy advisory sessions of the program is four quarterly strategy sessions and setting/resetting OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) each month with the Business Owner and his strategy team.  Sessions run 4 - 6 hours.

  • Customized training program could include any of the following depending on needs analysis:

    1. Employee Engagement

    2. Trust

    3. Leading with Purpose

    4. Empowerment

    5. Change Management & Readiness

    6. Listening Skills

    7. Time Management

    8. Team Meeting Management

    9. Strategic Thinking

    10. Performance Management

    11. Problem Solving

    12. Organizational Behavior

    13. Operations Excellence & The Work Organization

    14. The New Manager / Supervisor


Change Management Methodoliges

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